Online Edition

September 28-30



Alex Sanginov

Enterprise AI-ML Product Manager

ServiceNow, US

Mark Grover


Stemma, US

Phil Winder


Winder Research, UK

Juan Venegas

Data & A.I. Expert

Growth Tribe, Netherlands


Albert Lewandowski

Big Data DevOps Engineer

GetInData, Poland

Bas Geerdink

Tech Lead

Aizonic, The Netherlands

Einat Orr

Co-Founder and CEO

Treeverse, Israel

Daniel Wrigley

Lead Consultant Search & Analytics

SHI, Germany

Frank Munz

Developer Relations EMEA

Databricks, Germany

Diana Gabrielyan

Data Analytics Team Lead

Stockmann, Finland

Carlos Manuel Duclos-Vergara

Technology Lead

Schibsted, Norway

Gerard Toonstra

Engineering Manager

Datafold, The Netherlands

Josef Habdank

Principal Solution Architect

DXC Technology, Denmark

Karol Przystalski


Codete, Poland

Paige Roberts

Open Source Relations Manager

Vertica, US

Andrea Spina


Radicalbit, Italy

Emily Gorcenski

Head of Data

ThoughtWorks, Germany

Lidor Gerstel

DEVOPS-Cloud Architect

Centerity, Israel

Mauro Bennici


You Are My Guide – GhostWriterAI, Italy

Timothy J Spann

Developer Advocate

StreamNative, US

Jameel Nabbo

Cybersecurity Researcher

The Netherlands

Julien Genovese

Data Scientist

Data Reply, Italy

Lukas Vileikis

Technical Evangelist

Severalnines, Lithuania

Oliver Gindele

Chief Innovation Officer

Datatonic, Sweden

Wojciech Gawroński

Cloud Architect / Co-founder

Pattern Match, Poland

Marta Paes

Senior Developer Advocate

Materialize, Germany

Antía Fernández

Intelligent Systems Director

Gradiant, Spain

Clodéric Mars

AI Product Engineer

AI Redefined, Canada

Ben Herzberg

Chief Scientist

Satori, Israel

Kris van der Mast


VaHa, Belgium

Federico Fregosi

VP of Engineering

Contino, UK

Kathrin Melcher

Data Scientist

Knime, Germany

Ibrahim Muzaferija

Data Scientist

Maestral Solutions, Bosnia & Herzegovina

Paweł Skrzypek

Chief Technology Officer

AI Investments, Poland

Valentina Djordjevic

Head of Data Science

Things Solver, Serbia

Gad Salner

Group Manager

Melio, Israel

Herminio Vazquez

Machine Learning Consultant

IOVIO, Mexico

Mario A Vinasco

Director of Analytics

Credit Sesame, US

Anna Warno

Data Scientist

AI Investments, Poland

Sebastian Mehldau

Head of Growth Marketing

VanMoof, The Netherlands

Jan Karremans

Chief Evangelist

EDB Postgres, The Netherlands

Mohammad Hossein Noranian

Founder and CEO

Esra Tech, Lithuania

Paško Pajdek

Head of Engineering

Mediatoolkit, Croatia

Victoria Perez Mola

Analytics Engineer

Tier mobility, Germany

Riccardo Tommasini

Assitant Professor – CTO

University of Tartu – Titania Project OÜ, Estonia

Sagar Kurandwad

Machine Learning Developer

AI Redefined, Canada

Sana Rasheed

Lead Data Scientist

Accenture, Latvia

Barry Walsh

Digital Lead / Client Engagement

Pairview Group, UK

Maxime Beugnet

Senior Developer Advocate

MongoDB, France