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September 28-30


Emily Gorcenski

Head of Data

ThoughtWorks, Germany


Emily Gorcenski is a principal data scientist and the Head of Data of ThoughtWorks Germany. Her background in computational mathematics and control systems engineering has given her the opportunity to work on data analysis and signal processing problems from a variety of complex and data intensive industries. In addition, she is an internationally-renowned data activist and has contributed to award-winning journalism through her use of data to combat extremist violence and terrorism.


Using Service Level Objective Theory to Design Great Data Products

The Data Mesh concept is a radical way to leverage data systems within an organization. In contrast to centralized data architectures, the fundamental unit of the architecture of a data mesh is a Data Product. But what is a data product, and how do we design great ones that bring value to an organization? By exploring Service Level Objective theory, we’ll explore how to intentionally design effective and governable data products and how to move them into a state of automated data governance.

Session Keywords

🔑 Reliability Engineering
🔑 Data Mesh
🔑 AI

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