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Stream Processing Essentials

Nicolas Fränkel & Vladimir Schreiner

Take your first steps to understanding and start working with stream processing! By the end of the course, you will be able to build and run distributed streaming pipelines in Java:

  • Explain when to use streaming
  • Design a streaming application from the building blocks
  • Transform, match, correlate and aggregate continuous data
  • Scale, deploy, and operate streaming apps

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Building a Data Catalog

Mandy Chessell

What is a data catalog and how could it benefit your organization?  In this workshop we will take a close look at the features of a data catalog from the different perspectives of the Data Scientist, Business User, Data Engineer and the Chief Data Officer.  We will cover the different types of content that can be captured (such as technical metadata, glossaries, policies, rules, data analysis, lineage, comments and feedback), how it is captured effectively and the value it brings to these roles.

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Google Cloud Platform: First Steps

David Regalado

This workshop will cover the basic concepts of Google Cloud Platform, the “What”, “Where” and “How”. The principal services will be presented and explored. The workshop will includevisualizations in DataStudio, SQL querys in Big Query and Python code in A.I. Platform!

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