Hybrid Edition

September 28-30

Vilnius and Online

Mandy Chessell

IBM Distinguished Engineer, Master Inventor

UK, ODPi TSC & ODPi Egeria & IBM, UK


Mandy Chessell CBE FREng CEng FBCS is an IBM Distinguished Engineer, Master Inventor and Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering. She is a trusted advisor to executives from large organizations, working with them to develop their strategy and architecture relating to the governance, integration and management of information.

Mandy is also the project lead for the ODPi Egeria open source project ( ODPi Egeria aims to provide a platform for building an open metadata and governance ecosystem in an enterprise.

More information about Mandy’s work and publications can be found on LinkedIn:, in Wikipedia here: and her blog at


Building a Data Catalog


What is a data catalog and how could it benefit your organization?  In this workshop we will take a close look at the features of a data catalog from the different perspectives of the Data Scientist, Business User, Data Engineer and the Chief Data Officer.  We will cover the different types of content that can be captured (such as technical metadata, glossaries, policies, rules, data analysis, lineage, comments and feedback), how it is captured effectively and the value it brings to these roles.

The workshop will include presentations on the key concepts, demonstrations of the data catalog in operation using the ODPi Egeria open source project and an opportunity to try some of the exercises hands on.


Part 1: What is the data catalog:

  • Identify the different types of content that is stored in the data catalog
  • Understand the challenges for the different personas and how the data catalog helps them
    • Chief Data Officer/Governance Leader
    • Data Scientist
    • Information Architect
    • Data Engineer
    • Business User

Part 2: Walkthrough the stages of building a data catalog:

  • Understand how a data catalog is built up
  • Learn approaches to automate the capture of content for the data catalog
  • Observe/try different use cases showing the data catalog in operation

Part 3: Building capability with your organization:

  • Learn about a governance maturity model that will help you to plan the roll out of your own data catalog
  • Understand the new roles and skills needed in your organization
  • Learn about some approaches to delivering measurable business value through the data catalog


The attendees will have a clear understanding of the role of the data catalog and the value it brings, along with options on ways it could be used in their organization.

Target audience

Chief Data Officers (governance leaders), enterprise architects, data science leaders, data engineers.

Technical requirements

It is possible to be an observer as all aspects of the data catalog features will be demonstrated by the workshop leaders.  In addition it will be possible to run many exercises either on your laptop or in a cloud account.  All instructions will be supplied during the workshop.