November 19-22

Onsite & Online


Hear it straight from the participants and speakers what they have to say about Big Data Europe conference

Amazing conference! Strongly recommended for professionals interested in data engineering, AI and cloud.

George Matheou

Ph.D.Data Engineer @ FXGT

Nicely organised conference with warm and welcoming staff. Attendees can expect a friendly atmosphere that encourages insightful discussions. A great opportunity to gain valuable insights and connect with professionals.

Liva Elvira Bivina

Junior data scientist @ AvaFin

The Big Data Europe conference was packed with useful content. Highly recommended if you want to learn about AI and big data!

Bas Geerdink

Tech Lead @ Aizonic

I loved this year`s experience. In terms of organization, we had plenty of snacks and refreshments on site, and offered meal vouchers for our lunch break. The rooms were easy to find, having screens with instructions pretty much everywhere, plus on the website. I could not speak enough to the quality of the speakers. I do not have a strong technical background but I am planning to move into that direction career wise, and I am happy to say that this conference helped figuring out what exactly is best for me. I learned a few new concepts that I am planning to invest time in implementing within my team.

Maria Mihali

Team Lead @ Yardi

Most talks I attended gave me great inspirations and insights. I got some new fresh energy to bring back to my work. Talks and breaks were well balanced, food, cloakroom, other infrastructure were very well organized. Main themes could have been better highlighted prior to the conference, but even so I could easily conceptualize them over the course of the 3 days. Different talks were taking different perspectives, offering different solutions which was very nice with a nice variety of diversity of perspectives.

Blanka Sara Palfi

Data and research analyst @ Kayak

It’s always great to be among the professionals from all walks of life and Big Data Europe conference give you exactly that. If you love geeking out about data, analytics, coding, AI and everything in between – this is the place to be!

Alex Sanginov

Enterprise AI-ML Product Manager @ ServiceNow

All persons from the conference staff were amazingly helpful, polite, calm and you could see that they enjoyed doing their job. Keep up that spirit in your team!

Daniel Wrigley

Lead Consultant Search & Analytics @ SHI

Smooth sailing both for the speakers and attendees in the virtual environment thanks to good organization. Topics were interesting and relevant. Definitely worth it!

Diana Gabrielyan

Data Analytics Team Lead @ Stockmann

I was impressed with the professionalism of this conference. Everything went off without an issue and I would be very happy to speak here again. I was also impressed with the speakers and talks

Timothy Spann

Developer Advocate @ StreamNative

Amazing organization, I delivered my speech in a comfortable mindset thanks to the continuous support of the organizers.

Andrea Spina

CTO @ Radicalbit

The Big Data Europe conference proves year after year to be a valuable resource for anyone interested in data engineering, machine learning, and analytics. The conference is always packed with interesting sessions, great speakers and ways to network. Highly recommended!

Bas Geerdink

Tech Lead @ Aizonic

Altogether the experience from the conference was great. What was amazing though was how friendly and professional the conference staff were, a factor which was crucial for delivering a smooth presentation during my session.

Yiannis Kanellopoulos

Code4Thought @ Technology Startup Founder

The organization was really good, so I think you can continue as you are.

Carlos Manuel Duclos-Vergara

Technology Lead @ Schibsted