November 23-24


Steve Upton

Lead QA Consultant

Thoughtworks, Germany


Steve is a Quality Analyst who works to build empowered teams, capable of delivering and taking ownership of quality. He has worked on a wide variety of products, from mainframes to microservices, and has a particular interest in complex socio-technical systems and how we work with them.

He is passionate about complexity theory, building quality into culture, and testing as part of continuous delivery in modern, distributed architectures. Outside of work, Steve enjoys travel and mountains.


You Are Overthinking Data Quality

Data quality is a big topic with many tools and approaches dedicated to helping us improve the quality of our data. It is a particular challenge for developers transitioning to more data-focused roles and projects.

This talk explores the real challenges around ensuring data quality and identifies a critical element that is missing from many popular approaches to data quality. We will also look at how lessons from Product Thinking, Data Mesh and Site Reliability Engineering can help us in our quest for data quality.

Session Keywords

🔑 Data Quality
🔑 Data Mesh
🔑 Product Thinking

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