November 23-24


Sana Rasheed

Lead Data Scientist

Accenture, Latvia


Sana is a core developer by heart and has expertise in Data Sciences (R, Python, Java), Predictive Analytics (Machine Learning, NLTK, SciKit), Visualization (Penthao, Tableau, QLikView, D3), Deep Learning (Image Classification, ANN, GAN, RNN,CNN). Sana loves to participate in competitions on Kaggle. She practices new algorithms under the hood in her leisure time and is an avid reader. Sana has worked widely i.e. USA, Europe, UAE, South Korea, KSA, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Pakistan. She has written 11 books, multiple research papers and has won several awards.


Industrial Use Cases of Data Science

The need of Data Science and Predictive Modeling is growing in the industry and it is important to know what areas need to be redefined with the support of predictive modeling to either, improve, recover, or engage business values. We will talk about the problem areas from the industry, and how we, at Accenture, solved them, and what benefit it brings to our clients.

Session Keywords

🔑 Data Science
🔑 Predictive Models
🔑 Industry Use Cases

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