November 23-24


Juan Venegas

Data & A.I. Expert

Growth Tribe, The Netherlands


Juan graduated as the best physics student in Spain in 2009. Struggling to choose between a PhD in biophysics at Edinburgh University and a Masters in filmmaking, he did both. He then went off to win multiple awards in both fields and combined all his skills in AI, particularly in Natural Language Processing. He is the perfect combination of knowledge, storytelling and lame jokes. Isn’t that Juanderful?


Translating Data Into Powerful Stories

It’s happened to the best of us: we’re presenting a crucial data analysis, but the key stakeholders are nodding off. Others are on their phones. 

Your audience’s attention span could be to blame, but there’s a much more likely explanation: it’s the way you’re presenting your data.

Luckily, there’s a better way. We can use techniques learned from designers and storytellers to keep the interest alive and communicate data with impact. 

In this live session, we will dive into the fundamentals of data storytelling & visualisation. We’ll borrow tried-and-tested techniques from master presenters. We’ll go on a journey from plotting our story to designing our slides, infusing new life into our data without fabricating lies or boring our audiences.

Session Keywords

🔑 Data storytelling
🔑 Data Visualisation

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