November 23-24


Herminio Vazquez

Machine Learning Consultant

IOVIO, Mexico


Herminio works as a consultant in IOVIO a Consulting Firm with specialization in Data Projects.

In his career Herminio has already worked in more than 50 countries, in all continents, and lived in 13. His career was shaped in the lines of General Electric Nuclear Energy, with a devotion to innovation and quality for mission critical applications. In his professional path he has run through the implementation of data quality solutions around the globe for a wide range of industries including Financial Institutions, Automobile, Insurance, Farma, Mining, Health and Bioengineering.

His enthusiasm to close the gap between academia and industry, has given him the opportunity to share his experience in seminars in collaboration with the University of Valencia, Spain, the Polytechnic University of Milan, Italy, University of Turtu, Estonia, and the Polytechnic of Zurich, Switzerland.

Today, established in Utrecht, The Netherlands; he splits his time between his family, friends and nature.


The Unbreakable Data Pipeline

As the role of Data Engineering continues its mainstream across industries, the relevance of building reliable data pipelines has become a fundamental success factor to capitalize on data. This session, will provide, detailed examples on the engineering aspects of authoring and maintaining high-quality data pipelines using Apache Spark and Delta Lake. Optimizations for performance gains, tricks that reduce verbosity, caveats, and trade-offs, standards in a team, and all those little things you wish have known before your project started…

Session Keywords

🔑 Data Engineering
🔑 Data Pipeline
🔑 PySpark

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