November 19-22

Onsite & Online

Mauro Bennici


GhostWriter.AI, Italy


CTO of YouAreMyGuide GhostWriterAI. SME Focus Group on AI and Ethics. Ethics AI Expert. Mentor at Techstars. Data scientist and SCRUM master.


Ethical AI


The workshop aims to clarify what is meant by Ethical AI by investigating what ethics is and how it should be part of each new project. A personal report will be created and used as a guideline with hands-on games and open discussions. Asking why it is accumulating, managing, and analyzing data from an ethical point of view is fundamental for the success of a project as data governance and sovereignty.


  • Part I: intro
    • What is Ethics (and what is Moral)?
    • Open discussion.
  • Part II: Ethics and AI
    • Ethics in AI and why it is essential for technical and business people.
    • Open discussion and creation of a personal report.
    • See the preeminent bias about AI.
    • Open discussion about our personal bias discovering ability.
  • Part III: Ethics AI at work
    • How-to guide a new AI project with ethics guidelines

Create an ethic AI workbook to start a new AI project

Target audience

The target audience include those interested in Ethics and AI. Everybody as producer and consumer of AI powered product and want to understand how use them safely. The open discussions will be used to discover unexplored paths and point of views.

Technical requirements
  • A pencil and a notebook.
  • A Google account to co-edit an online DOC file