November 19-22

Onsite & Online

HOSTS 2023

We are delighted to announce that the conference will be hosted by a team of exceptionally skilled and experienced professionals who hold prominent positions in the industry. Our esteemed hosts bring an abundance of knowledge and expertise, and their dedication lies in ensuring that attendees extract the maximum value from the conference!

Jay Alexander Clifford

InfluxData, UK

Developer Advocate

Antonio Zarauz Moreno

Credicorp, Spain

AI-Cognitive Technical Lead

Maciej Marek, Poland

Cloud Engineer, AI Researcher and Practitioner

Bobur Umurzokov, Estonia

Developer Advocate, Mentor, Speaker

Emily Gorcenski

Thoughtworks, Germany

Head of Data and AI

Mateo Alvarez Calvo

Credicorp, Spain

AI-Cognitive director

Matteo Pelati

Dozer Data Pte Ltd, Singapore


Jan Karremans

EDB Postgres, The Netherlands

Chief Evangelist

Bas Geerdink

Aizonic, The Netherlands

Tech Lead

Sohini Pattanayak

TrustyCore, India


Esther Bodil Huyer

Capgemini Invent, Germany


Antonio Murgia

Agile Lab, Italy

Data Architect

Mauro Bennici

Intelligenza Etica, Italy

AI Architect and AI Ethicist