Hybrid Edition

September 28-30

Vilnius and Online

Gerard Toonstra

Engineering Manager

Datafold, The Netherlands


Gerard has 20 years of experience in IT and in data. He was the team lead of the data warehouse team at Coolblue, where he migrated their legacy SQL Server warehouse to the AWS cloud and then worked for one year as data science team lead. He’s now working as an engineering manager at Datafold, a San Francisco startup building a data observability platform, which integrates seamlessly with a range of data warehouses. Besides often working with python, data and other technologies, he’s also a part-time oil painter.


Data Observability

Data Observability is a growing area in data engineering. In this session, he will explain to an audience of data engineers what data observability means in both development and operational processes.

Session Keywords

🔑 Data Observability
🔑 Data Lineage
🔑 Catalog

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