November 24-26


Dr. Christoph Zimmermann

European Open Source Thought Leader

Germany, Redis Labs


Open Source Veteran and Database Enthusiast. Seasoned preseller with more than 30 years of industry experience across various sectors including telecommunications, financial services and hosting environments.

Areas of expertise include:

Presales with a special focus on open source software, software development life-cycle aspects, IT security and cloud in addition to system architecture, outsourcing and offshoring environments, international projects and environments, multi-cultural collaboration and team management.

Focusing on IT security areas of expertise include forensic analysis from application, operating systems and network perspective. The same applies to pen testing and mobile security.


Redis: a Multi-Model DB for IoT and Beyond

An overview of Redis, an open-source multi-model NoSQL DB as a foundation for Big Data projects in the Internet of Things ecosystem and beyond. After a short introduction to Redis, its multi-model capabilities are discussed which make this popular open-source DB a top choice for unstructured data typically found in IoT environments, ranging from simple JSON data to complex graph and timeseries requirements. A few real-world use cases round off this presentation.

Session Keywords

🔑 IoT
🔑 Redis

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