November 24-26


Alex Sanginov

Data Monetization Evangelist

USA, ServiceNow


Alex is an entrepreneurial minded individual with enthusiastic drive and ambition in the world of data and analytics. He enjoys making data driven decision making contagious across entire edges of the organization. Alex is the Data Monetization Evangelist at ServiceNow, also serves as a Chairman of the Board at Community Technology Alliance ( a non-profit organization.


5 Pillars of User-Centric Analytics

How one team created a user-centric analytics program that revolutionized data consumption across the company.
Some consider analytics the dark art of digital transformation. The truth is that, done right, analytics can illuminate the darkest corners of business.

Analytics team have seen the power of analytics in action, one that brings the process of creating a truly user-centric analytics program into the light.

Today, the team runs an analytics program that aligns with critical areas of decision-making within the company and empowers users with powerful decision-making capabilities every single day.
Join the session to learn more and how to apply the successful analytics strategy to your own organization(s).

Session Keywords

🔑 Analytics Strategy
🔑 Analytics Workflows
🔑 AI

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