27-29 November, Vilnius

Conference about Big Data, High Load, Data Science, Machine Learning & AI

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Freelancer, Germany


Freelancer, Germany


Oliver Zeigermann is a Software Developer and Architect, Data Scientist, AI and Machine Learning Expert from Hamburg, Germany. He has developed software in many different languages and technologies over the past couple of decades, including C, C++, Java, Python, and JavaScript.


Machine Learning from Idea to Production

Bringing a machine learning model to production is a complex task involving many steps and technologies.

This talk proposes a sequence of steps you can use as a blueprint for your own project to give you maximum guidance to go to production quickly. These steps include checking / cleaning the data, getting an intuition for the data by plotting it, creating a base line for your model to see if it really performs well, feature selection, validate the model for over- and underfitting, and fine tuning the parameters of your model.

We will use Jupyter Notebooks, Pandas, matplotlib, Sklearn, Keras, and Tensorflow for this.


Comparing Machine Learning Strategies using Scikit-learn and TensorFlow

Machine Learning remains complex even if you already understand its basic idea. Among the challenges are which machine learning strategy to choose.

In this talk we will look at different machine learning strategies and visualize how they make predictions by plotting their decision boundaries. We will look at KNN, Decision Trees, Support Vector Machines, and Neural Networks. The objective is to give you a first overview of the different strategies. This talk is for beginners in the area of machine learning and we require no prior knowledge.


Introduction to Deep Learning with TensorFlow

Deep Learning is a special and most promising variant of Supervised Machine Learning. Most recent break-throughs have been fueled by instead of programming a system, you instead use known data to train a system, like you do in deep learning. We will touch classic Neural Networks, Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs) for image processing, and Recurrent Neural Networks (RNNs) for processing of texts and other sequences.

We will use TensorFlow with Keras-style Layers and provide notebooks hosted on Google’s Colab, that allow them to run on GPU. Thus there will be no need for any installation, all you need is a browser. We will use Python as our language, but you do not need any knowledge of it. Knowledge of any Object oriented language is sufficient.