27-29 November, Vilnius

Conference about Big Data, High Load, Data Science, Machine Learning & AI

Conference is over. See you next year!

Dmytro Bilash

Captain Growth, Ukraine


Dmytro Bilash is a co-founder of Captain Growth, AI for marketing analytics. Also, his company holds one of the biggest data science events in Eastern Europe called Kyiv Data Spring where Dmytro is an organizer and speaker.


How to Create Data Science Product from Scratch?

1. Why should you get rid of an idea to create data science startup in 2018?
2. TOP 5 biggest challenges you’ll face with data science product.
3. Project for one client vs scalable product for a big market. What is the difference?
4. How to overplay destiny and make data science product successful? Captain Growth’s case.


Market that Doesn’t Exist. How to Promote and Sell ‘Artificial Intelligence’?

1. While scientists tell that true AI doesn’t exist, customers buy it. Why?
2. What do people expect from ‘AI’ product? Customers’ perception overview.
3. How to promote AI product on EU and the US markets? Captain Growth’s case.