27-29 November, Vilnius

Conference about Big Data, High Load, Data Science, Machine Learning & AI

Conference is over. See you next year!


Jibes Data Analytics, The Netherlands


Pascal van Kooten is fascinated by Human Machine interaction. He has been applying AI (such as bots, machine/deep learning) in open-source projects, competitions and enterprises alike. Among his projects: computer vision to determine car damage, lead generation by scanning and interpreting the internet, and generative chatbots to converse intelligently. He currently holds a position as (youngest) Senior Data Analytics Consultant at Jibes Data Analytics in The Netherlands.


When to Use Machine Learning: Tips, Tricks And Warnings

Artificial Intelligence, and machine learning in particular, is one of the hottest topics in tech/business. Pascal van Kooten will explain the core of machine learning, and the main goal of this talk will be to help you judge the success whenever someone yells “I know! Let’s solve this using machine learning!”. Pascal will also provide tips and tricks on how to increase the success of such projects. The second part of the talk will be about 2 open-source python projects Pascal has created, as well as a project he’s working on regarding the trading of cryptocurrency and their relation to machine learning. Specifically, the challenges and findings in making these cases work will be explored.