27-29 November, Vilnius

Conference about Big Data, High Load, Data Science, Machine Learning & AI

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Percona, Lithuania


Percona Server for MySQL tech lead and software developer.


MySQL Ecosystem in 2018

The rate of developments around MySQL is very high these days, perhaps surprisingly so given that it is a mature product in 2018. The World has not quite caught up yet with the new 5.7 features such as the native document store, and now we have MySQL 8.0 with native data dictionary, SQL for window functions and CTEs, and more. Meanwhile, MariaDB has released 10.3 with system-versioned tables and Oracle PL/SQL compatibility. In parallel to these products, Big Web companies maintain open source patches for in-house infrastructure – for example, Facebook MyRocks, a storage engine that supports high write volumes and compresses well on disk. These are made available to general users through providers such as Percona.

Of course, nobody runs a single server, and native shared-everything cluster story gets more elaborate. We have Galera-based Percona XtraDB Cluster and MariaDB Cluster, and now joined by Group Replication from Oracle.

This talk will tell you what does modern MySQL world look like in 2018.