November 23-24


Victoria Perez Mola

Analytics Engineer

Tier mobility, Germany


Born in Argentina, graduated in Systems Engineering, currently working as an Analytics Engineer at Tier in Berlin. Victoria has over 5 years of experience working with ERP systems, reporting, and databases, acting as the intersection between business and technology.

She is passionate about using technology to help people make their daily tasks easier. In her free time, she likes to encourage people to enter the IT world by volunteering, teaching, and mentoring.


Expanding the Data Team: Analytics Engineers

Have you ever heard about Analytics Engineer?
Data roles keep appearing on daily basis and make it hard to keep track of them. At the end of this talk you should be able to identify what are the tasks and responsibilities of the Analytics Engineer, the difference with other roles in the data team… and maybe even want to become one.

Session Keywords

🔑 Team Management
🔑 Data Team
🔑 Analytics Engineer

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