November 23-24


Rob van Elburg

Principal Big Data Recruiter

Ravecruitment, The Netherlands


Rob van Elburg is well known as one of the Top Big Data Recruiters in the world. He staffed many impressive teams around the globe, for example for ING bank, the #1 digital bank worldwide. Rob talks about all Tech career developments in Big Data and more in a roller coaster ride. That’s why he’s mentioned as one of the most engaging speakers on Tech & HR Events. What can Big Data do to you, your job, and your career? Rob knows and he’s more than willing to share this with you.


Big Data in Career

A career in Big Data? What does that look like? What are the 10 most wanted profiles? What are the career paths? How many jobs are there? How to level up? And what are the salary ranges? So many questions about your career in Big Data. Rob van Elburg, Global Principal Big Data Recruiter will explain all in this Talk about your career in Big Data

Session Keywords

🔑 Big Data
🔑 Global Tech
🔑 Career

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