November 19-22

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Mauro Bennici


You Are My Guide – GhostWriterAI, Italy


CTO, Data Scientist, Professional Scrum Master (PSM), Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT), a .NET foundation member. Member of the SME Focus Group on Artificial Intelligence, European Community.

He loves the field of research and development, particularly that of artificial intelligence. He had the honor of studying and having mentors great men like Peter Norvig, Sebastian Thrun, and Andrew Ng. Studies today have become his working life and his hobby with the foundation of his startup, active in Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Natural Language Generation (NLG).


ONNX runtime to serve AI models


The workshop will cover the basics of a Machine Learning project, from start to production release. We will concentrate on the optimization part of the chosen model. You will learn to use the ONNX Runtime to serve the model, check the performance compared to the initial model, and use a programming language different from the starting one.


Part 1: Setup

  • Colab
  • Connect Drive and
  • Libraries

Part 2: Study our model 

  • Clean our dataset
  • Choose the algorithms
  •  Study the model
  • Save the model

 Part 3: Introduction to ONNX 

  • The AI open format
  • Export the model in ONNX
  • Use Netron

Part 4: ONNX Runtime

  • Load the ONNX model
  • Play with the options
  • Serve the model
  • Benchmark

Part 5: Laboratory

  • Create model
  • Export ONNX model
  • Serve with ONNX runtime
  • Validate the process

The participants will learn how to use the ONNX Runtime to optimize and serve their AI models.

Target audience

The workshop is open to all those who want to know more about Machine Learning and how an AI model goes from the study to the production phase. The first parts are introductory and will make everyone adept at creating their test model.

Technical requirements

– a Google Colaboratory (free) account
– a Google Drive (free) account
– basic notions of programming, Python