November 23-24


Mohammad Hossein Noranian

Founder and CEO

Esra Tech, Lithuania


Mohammad is Founder and CEO of UAB Esra Tech, a Vilnius-based startup working on the architecture and development of AI and IoT based Solutions for Businesses and end-users. He has PhD in systems and control engineering and has 10+ years of experience in the management of hardware and software development teams. He also worked in university as a lecturer for more than 3 years and was a trainer in different events related to AI and IoT in the last 5 years.

With a well-established knowledge base in hardware and software, he also has MBA that makes him eligible for leading multi-disciplinary teams working on big nation-wide and international projects in the ICT sector.


How to Fail in AI Business

Developing an AI-based product is not easy, a lot of works need to be done and a lot of data need to be combined with algorithms to make it work, but when you want to monetize your product, you will find developing the business in this market is more difficult than technical development.

In this presentation, after a short introduction to the process of making AI-based products, different pitfalls and barriers to make a product into a successful business will be discussed and different failed cases will be presented. Afterwards, few tips will be explained to prevent failing in AI businesses based on the experiences of the speaker. It’s expected for the audience of the presentation to learn many ways that may result in failure and help them avoid this situation.

Session Keywords

🔑 AI Business
🔑 Case Study

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