November 23-24


Julien Genovese

Data Scientist

Data Reply, Italy


Julien Genovese is currently a data scientist in Data Reply, one of the biggest company in Italy in the data science field.

He studied as a mathematical engineer in Politecnico di Torino where he graduated with honors.
With a strong passion for learning data science he has now reached his dream of being a tutor for master thesis in data science, working in the R&D group of his company.

He really believes that teaching is very important and this is the reason why he tries to participate to different conferences sharing his knowledge. Finally he loves to walk into the mountains where he usually talks with different people trying to capture some new ideas for his projects.


Graph Data Science: from Theory to Application

Graph data science is a new field where the main point is to consider the dataset as a graph, that is a set of nodes where some relationships are present. With respect to the classical ML models where suppose that the observations are independent, with this theory we try to capture the links between them. With this theory, we try to deal with different social and interaction problems such as fraud detection, min path searching, and link predictions.

Session Keywords

🔑 Graph Data Science
🔑 MLlib

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