November 23-24


Gad Salner

Group Manager

Melio, Israel


Gad Salner is a Group Manager at Melio, where he leads the development of their client-facing payment solution. With over 15 years of experience in development, Gad is an enthusiastic and innovative team player with a background in engineering, management, and architecture. He has a strong track record of leading product development in startups. His devotion to driving projects forward, creating a winning team culture, and building awesome products has been his passion since the beginning.

Gad is also one of the creators of Kaduregel Shefel, a project capturing Israel’s cultural diversity through amateur football. The project produces exhibitions videos and events which they show around the world, and interact with the large community gathered around it.

Gad attributes his unique blend of management methodologies to lessons learned at many different startups over the last 15 years, and from Kaduregel Shefel, where he ran a global cultural project. He had no idea just how incredibly useful this set of tools would be during a global pandemic. But c’est la vie!


How to Scale a Unicorn-Building Engineering Team (And Stay Sane)

The most common question asked by people familiar with Gad’s recent journey is: ״how the hell did you go from a team of 1 to a 25 person engineering group in a year?״

We weren’t short on challenges this past year: lockdowns, remote onboarding for new employees, and hyper-growth struggles. Each of these can break a team on its own. But when you create and instill fundamental habits that grow individual capabilities, expanding the team isn’t just possible, it’s actually quite a natural progression.

Without a solid game plan wouldn’t have made it very far. And moving forward, we’ve laid a roadmap that gradually empowers those 25 engineers to grow and take ownership, paving the way for the next 50.

This is the story behind one of Melio’s engineering groups, and how we’re building a kickass, world-class team, which among other things, is changing the conversation around payments.
In this talk, Gad will take a deep dive into our new strategy step-by-step, from planning to execution: his structured game plan for empowering engineers to drive your team’s rapid growth in size, responsibility, and impact.

Calibration: Mapping and sharing the team’s challenges and gaps
The feed-forward cycle of improvement for your team
Analysis process
Some examples
Scaling unlocked: Choosing the right scaling strategy for your team
Establishing engineering domain foundations for the future
Different team-scaling approaches
Some examples
The game plan: A comprehensive framework for building your team
Enabling your engineers to lead and own your group’s level-up
Step-by-step plan to lead impactful changes across all domains
Some examples

Different team-scaling approaches
Engineers as leaders of your group’s level-up
The game plan
A framework to lead impactful changes across all domains
The feed-forward cycle of improvement for your team
Analysis process
Mapping and defining the team’s domain challenges and gaps
Research, plan, grow and share knowledge
Measuring your success

Session Keywords

🔑 Team building
🔑 management
🔑 processes
🔑 culture
🔑 agile

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