November 23-24


Sebastian Mehldau

Head of Growth Marketing

VanMoof, The Netherlands


Sebastian Mehldau is the Head of Growth Marketing (Paid Media, CRM, and Marketing Science) at VanMoof. Over the past three and a half years, he has been involved in five major product launches, the opening of several brand stores around the world, docens of marketing campaigns, and even a bike hunt in Ukraine — always with a data-driven mindset. His professional journey began nine years ago, building and rolling out Prestashop e-commerce sites for small businesses in Mexico. After that, he joined Linio, a Rocket Internet e-commerce venture in LATAM, where he helped with the transition to mobile commerce and the international expansion of the business. He also worked for Dutch fintech Bunq


Creating a Dwh From Scratch to Analyze 11 Million Kilometers Worth of Bike Rides

In 2020 our VanMoof bike riders have collectively ridden for 11 million kilometers. In this talk, we will show you what problems we faced with creating a DWH from scratch, how we solved them with BigQuery, and what insights we gained with Looker: do e-bikes replace other forms of transportation? Can we prevent road accidents? How do we run remote diagnostics?

Session Keywords

🔑 Data Warehouses
🔑 BigQuery
🔑 Predictive Models

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