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September 28-30

Vilnius and Online

Cristian Randieri

Founder & CEO

Italy, Intellisystem Technologies


Cristian Randieri is a brilliant intelligent and great proactivity person and an effective communicator and visionary. He has built a strong (and deserved) reputation as someone with vision, diligence and honour. His knowledge is not restricted to the area he covers, but his impressive passion for all the technical topics led him to acquire great skills even in areas far from his original studies. Cristian can address and solve complex technical problems with excellent results. He is a valuable writer with a great scientific background formed with more than 15 years of active research on experimental Nuclear Physics performed in the most famous international research laboratories such as CERN, ESRF, INFN. He writes about HI-Tech solutions topics and advanced research study applied to industry. With more than 200 scientific & technical publications, He is also, a technical and famous writer in Italy due to his interviews released to the most famous Industrial Italian magazines. He is the Founder & CEO of Intellisystem Technologies an Italian Research & Developments company committed to develop and sell innovative and advanced solutions.

What makes him the best in the industry is his full spectrum of experience, knowledge & contribution coupled with high awareness of general issues and topics and his fearless attitude to deliver them at the highest level.

Now Cristian is an industry veteran with over 20 Yrs of corporate experience in working with multicultural organizations and handling multilingual teams across the world. He is been an effective leader and mentor and has been a part of high-end technology sales and marketing, with most reputed Tech OEM’s/MNC’s in the world driving excellent results industry-wide and has a lot of goodwill and respect amongst international corporate & industry veterans.

He is avid and enthusiastic and has a keen interest regarding current affairs and has voiced his opinions at respectable platforms and has been well received for that.


The application of Machine Learning to the Modelling of Time-Series of Atmospheric Pollution Data

Predicting atmospheric pollutant concentrations in both urban and industrial areas is of great significance for decision-making. This topic considers the possibility of AI techniques to identify models for atmospheric pollutant prediction. It gives the results of short and medium-range prediction of concentrations of O3, NMHC, NO2 and NOx, which are typical of the photolytic cycle of nitrogen.
The results obtained show that AI techniques have a good capacity for modelling the phenomena under investigation as compared with the traditionally used autoregressive prediction models.
The possibility of using neuro-fuzzy networks also allows the features of neural networks to be combined with fuzzy logic, thus providing automatic extraction of rule bases in the usual ‘if…then…’ form.

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