November 24-26


Adnan Boz

Founder and Instructor

USA, AI Product Institute – Silicon Valley


Adnan Boz has worked in artificial intelligence for nearly a decade and has almost thirty years of experience in the software industry including several AI and software startups. Before NVIDIA, he led the artificial intelligence, experimentation, and personalization platform products teams at eBay and earlier, the Yahoo Sports, Finance, and homepage news personalization AI products teams. He is also sharing his experience with the product managers through his popular Stanford Continuing Studies and AI Product Institute courses.


Product Management Principles to Drive Businesses in the AI Era

A significant challenge for companies trying to adopt AI is the gap between the business domain and AI solution domain. On the one hand, the corporate strategists strive for sustainable profitability, but on the other hand, the AI technologists grind over problems like image recognition, prediction or recommendation engines. These are entirely different worlds. How come for some companies, the gap keeps widening, but for other companies, like Amazon and Google, the business excels behind high barriers for market entry?

In this presentation, you’ll learn the answers. We will look into how AI product managers offer unprecedented value to navigate their organizations through AI solution adoption and development lifecycle with ease. Adnan will share lessons from decades of work at large corporations, and best practices acquired during consulting for companies in Silicon Valley.

Session Keywords

🔑 AI
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