26-28 November, 2019, Vilnius

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Vygantas Butkus

Danske Bank, Lithuania


Vygantas is yet another data guy who experienced a huge range of data problems: from general macroeconomic forecasts to specific natural language usage in anomalies diagnostics. Nowadays, Vygantas is leading a data scientist’s team in Danske Bank. The focus of the team is to extracting business values from the data with various tools and methods.


The Journey Through Real Estate Price Model Development

Together with his team, Vygantas has developed a model that predicts the selling price of homes in Denmark. The development was an exciting journey with many challenges and different attempts to overcome them. Sometimes the build process is more interesting than the final model itself. Thus, Vygantas is very happy to offer you a walkthrough of this experience with all the pains and joys encountered along the way.

Session Keywords

Machine Learning
Real Estate