26-28 November, 2019, Vilnius

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Toby Woolfe



Toby has been at IBM for 13 years and so has gained extensive experience in the strategic leadership of digital transformation that is enabled by IBM’s advanced technology. He has helped large European banks integrate their data, automotive companies integrate their customers and cars, and insurance companies analyse large and complex data. He is a passionate speaker on IBM’s customer successes so can help set ambitious but realistic strategies for new technology projects. He is tasked to drive business development across Europe’s large industrial company sector so uses his experience with Watson’s AI innovations to identify opportunities to improve manufacturing efficiency, product quality and customer centricity. His team of technical architects and consultants are currently engaged at premium brand companies such as BMW, Continental, Stena, and VW Group who face enormous opportunities and challenges to use data in new ways. On the personal side his passion for IOT tech even extends to analysis of the horses he loves to race!


Big Data Information Architecture for AI

IBM is famous for Watson, the artificial intelligence system which won the Jeopardy! general knowledge quiz show in 2011. Since then IBM have been feeding it big data and it is being used across industry to help humans work smarter. Here’s a presentation on some of the more interesting case studies from around the world such as Watson Willow at Woodside; the L’Oreal factory and Iplexia demo to show a factory line manager talking to Watson; Olli the self driving cognitive bus you can talk to; Ask Mercedes car manual, and the way we are putting Watson into IBM’s design management application Rational DOORS and IBM’s asset management application Maximo to improve the processes they support using AI.

Session Keywords

Artificial Intelligence