26-28 November, 2019, Vilnius

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Paweł Zawistowski

Adform, Poland


Senior Data Scientist working in Adform’s Research, AI & Analytics area and an assistant professor at the faculty of Computer Science, at the Warsaw University of Technology. IT wizard specializing in artificial intelligence methods, especially in the nonlinear issues of regression and classification, which his doctorate concerned. He gained professional experience both in the field of science and research as well as in commercial projects. He has been seriously analyzing and modeling data since 2008 – since then he has participated in various projects, ranging from individual analyzes of small data sets, through the development of regression and classification methods in research projects, to the creation of large-scale production systems using predictive models of hundreds of thousands of times per second.


Machine Learning Engineering

When learning about machine learning methods, much effort is put into the fun part i.e. training and tweaking the models to improve upon your favorite performance metrics.
But when the dust settles all these toys need to be working in your production environment and you want to have as little issues with them as possible.

In this presentation, we will talk about things that are important if you want your ML system to be healthy and effective, like: testing, monitoring, delayed feedback loops, data quality, etc.

Session Keywords

Machine Learning
Ad Tech