26-28 November, 2019, Vilnius

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Pawel Rzeszucinski

Codewise, Poland


Dr Paweł Rzeszuciński is the author of over 30 publications and patents in the field of broadly defined data analytics. He obtained a master’s degree in computer science from Cranfield University, after which he moved to the University of Manchester, where he obtained a PhD for the project for QinetiQ related to analytical solutions for the diagnosis of helicopter gearboxes. After returning to Poland, he worked as Senior Scientist at ABB Corporate Research Center and Senior Risk Modeler at Strategic Analytics for HSBC. He is currently working as a Chief Data Scientist at Codewise. Member of the Forbes Technology Council and the European AI Alliance.


Computational Propaganda - How Algorithms Influence our Decisions

“Manipulations in the era of algorithms”. Facebook having 2.2 Monthly Active Users, together with Google and Twitter create three interconnected digital republics where majority of human interactions take place and where increasing amounts of people spend great amount of time daily. Such constellation created fantastic environment for development and usage of targeted ad industry. The same algorithms however have recently gained momentum in being used by bad actors in creation of the so called computational propaganda – custom made messaging aimed at exploiting the micro-vulnerabilities of human mind in order to influence the public discourse and feed people’s decisions. The talk will discuss the casus of Cambridge Analytica, Brexit and the use of bots for influencing people’s decisions.”

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