26-28 November, 2019, Vilnius

Conference is over! See you next year.

Mark West

Bouvet Norge AS, Norway


Mark West is a Brexit Refugee living in Oslo Norway. Previously a Java developer and architect, he is currently leading a team of Data Scientists at Bouvet. In his spare time Mark is Leader for the Norwegian Java User Group, aka javaBin. He is also one of the volunteers behind JavaZone.


A Practical-ish Introduction to Data Science

Data Science has been described as the sexiest job of the 21st Century. But what is Data Science? And what has Machine Learning got to do with all of this?
In this talk, Mark will share insights and knowledge that he has gained from building up a Data Science department from scratch. This talk will be split into three sections:
1. He’ll begin by defining what Data Science is, how it is related to Machine Learning and share some tips for introducing Data Science to your organisation.
2. Next up we’ll run through some commonly used Machine Learning algorithms used by Data Scientists, along with examples for use cases where these algorithms can be applied.
3. The final third of the talk will be a demonstration of how you can quickly get started with Data Science and Machine Learning using Python and the Open Source scikit-learn Library.


Deconstructing Deep Learning

In this session attendees can expect a mathematics and jargon free introduction to Deep Learning!

1. Mark will start by defining the general principles and theory behind Deep Learning and Artificial Neural Networks.

2. Next Mark will demonstrate how Deep Learning can be utilised for Image Processing, by taking a look at an implementation of a Convolutional Neural Network (CNN).

3. Finally Mark will look at a Recurrent Neural Network (RNN) and show how these can be used for sentiment analysis and Natural Language Processing.

He will also share links and instructions for playing around with the above Neural Networks using Keras, TensorFlow and Google Colab.

Deep Learning