26-28 November, 2019, Vilnius

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Dovydas Čeilutka

Vinted, Lithuania


I am a machine learning engineer at Vinted and the dean of Vilnius School of AI. I help people learn to apply deep learning techniques and take their first steps in the deep learning field. I am passionate about artificial intelligence and its application in business.


(Un)ethical Artificial Intelligence: How to Keep the AI Fair for Everyone

This presentation highlights the current ethical problems that we face while building artificial intelligence solutions. The artificial intelligence systems based on machine learning algorithms are entering our products at an increasing rate. Unfortunately, keeping these systems fair is hard and a lot of hidden biases enter the models, even if the developers had the best intentions. We will investigate some of the failures of the AI systems and explore ways how to keep them fair for everyone.

Session Keywords

Deep Learning


Introduction to Deep Learning with Tensorflow 2.0

In this workshop you will learn the fundamentals of deep learning using Tensorlfow 2.0 machine learning library. We will build two deep learning models: an image classifier using computer vision and a movie review classifier using natural language processing. This workshops works for people, who have used a different deep learning library before and want to learn the basics of Tensorflow 2.0 as well as machine learning engineers, data scientists and Python developers, who want to learn the fundamentals of deep learning using the latest technologies.