26-28 November, 2019, Vilnius

Conference is over! See you next year.

Diego Hueltes

RavenPack, Spain


Diego Hueltes is a computer engineer living in Marbella, (Malaga, Spain).
He’s currently working at Ravenpack. He collaborated teaching in the Big Data Executive Program at Escuela de Organizacion Industrial (EOI), a Spanish business school where he has been also a Big Data mentor.
Diego is passionate about Data Analysis and Big Data, and he loves to share this passion speaking in congresses & seminars like:
Codemotion Webinars 2019
Codemotion Spain 2018
Big Data Conference Lithuania 18: Closing keynote & talk
Big Data Spain 17
PyCon Spain 17
PyData Spain 17
PyCon Spain 16
EOI Big Data Executive Program
VII Statal RITSI Congress Madrid
Seminars for Granada University Masters.


Deep Learning for Lazy People... Neural Architecture Search with Automated Machine Learning

Deep Learning models are great, but choosing the right architecture is not easy. Many times, the easiest way of getting the best architecture is just by trying.
It would be nice to have a clairvoyant that is able to tell us the best architecture, right? We cannot have a clairvoyant but we have tools, like Automated Machine Learning, that are able to find the best architectures just with a few lines of code.
This talk will cover the use of Automated Machine Learning (AML) for Deep Learning Architectures, but we will also see other uses of AML.