26-28 November, 2019, Vilnius

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David Gorena Elizondo

Microsoft, USA


David Gorena Elizondo has been working on AI/Knowledge and Knowledge Graphs for the past ~4 years. He is also a Public speaker across the world and Expert/Leader in AI and data platforms. Proudly representing Hispanics in tech.
Previously, David has been a Program Manager in Microsoft Dynamics, responsible for the CRM online offering. He owned the Microsoft Mobile Advertising SDKs (Windows, iOS and Android platforms), and also has engineering experiences in Team Foundation Server and Microsoft Visual Studio. All these experiences as an engineer, program manager and leader have empowered him to effectively execute in technology and innovative domains such as Artificial Intelligence. He’s been a speaker in events like StarWest, EuroStar, StarEast, Scrum Gathering, IEEE GreenTech Conference (2018/2019), the AI Leaders Summit in Boston, and Big Data Spain.


Knowledge and AI Powering Microsoft & Office 365 Products

Knowledge, Data and AI have been reshaping the way we live and work for the past few years, and the fact is that this is just the beginning.
Everyone has been using AI-and-knowledge-infused products and services every day, sometimes in ways that may not seem obvious. One of David’s goals in this session will be to explain how these non-obvious scenarios are being powered with Knowledge and AI (and how/why, through improvements in technology, these will just get better).
He wants the audience to understand how intelligent scenarios work by taking them through a journey of understanding Knowledge Graphs (including how knowledge is ingested and/or mined), showing real scenarios being powered by these, and explaining how this technology can/will be used in the enterprise world in products like Office 365 and Microsoft Search. He will explain how the technologies are improving and how this will cause the experiences to improve as well in the next few years.
As part of the session, David will define Artificial Intelligence and will show, with many examples, how this works. He will explain how AI will help people and enterprises and will explain why now is the perfect time for AI. He will show data and numbers which show how big data and AI are (and will become even more) crucial to organizations.
David will explain the difference between Knowledge & AI, and how both are required to power truly intelligent scenarios.
He will talk about key ingredients that will adequately position organizations to be able to power AI/Knowledge scenarios at scale, and he will present Microsoft’s AI Portfolio.
Since Davis currently works on Office 365 and Microsoft Search products, he will also show the latest in these areas.
Finally, for developers in the audience, David will go through Microsoft Cognitive Services that can allow them to infuse AI/Knowledge into their own apps/products.

Session Keywords

Artificial Intelligence
Microsoft Search
Office 365