26-28 November, 2019, Vilnius

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Daniel Wrigley

SHI GmbH, Germany


Daniel Wrigley works as a Senior Search & Analytics Consultant. He mostly deals with search and big data applications with a strong focus on modern open source projects such as NiFi, Solr, Spark or Zeppelin. His experience as a Solr trainer enabled him to co-author the first German book on Solr.


Actionable Insights with Real-time Streaming Analytics of Customer Reviews

While analyzing structured data (even tremendous amounts of it) is a solved mystery nowadays, retrieving actionable insights from unstructured data (i.e. text) is the new challenge to be met. This talk even goes one step further and places this challenge in a streaming data setting. A reference architecture that works across industries will be shown to illustrate how to process text immediately after being written, how to analyze it, how to gather its meaning, and eventually visualize the results to provide actionable insights. This architecture will be composed of several open source projects. When combined, these tools are capable of accomplishing this ambitious task of analyzing streaming unstructured data. The talk will be completed by a live demo that showcases how real-life customer reviews can be processed in real-time to do sentiment analysis on unstructured data and display the results on a dashboard to provide actionable insights.

Session Keywords

High Load
Machine Learning


Introduction to Data Shipment and Processing with Apache NiFi

Huge amounts of data are being generated every second. Humans produce data by writing e-mails, documents or text messages, presidents produce data by tweeting and machines or applications produce data by logging information. These are just a few examples of how data is generated nowadays.
As data in its original place and form often is no use at all it needs to be transferred to other systems or applications and it also needs to be transformed on its way to these. And this is where Apache NiFi has its strengths. In this workshop you will not only learn the fundamentals of Apache NiFi but also learn in hands-on activities best practice approaches to unleash NiFi’s power for your business cases and become acquainted in reading data from data sources, transforming data and write it to other systems.
After this workshop you will be able to set up a distributed system that is able to process thousands of records or even more per second to gain actionable insights from your data.