26-28 November, 2019, Vilnius

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Bradley Arsenault

Electric Brain Software Corporation, Canada


Brad is an accomplished machine learning practitioner with a focus on natural language processing and its applications. During his work at Sensibill, SwiftlyAI, Electric Brain, Brad has created a wide-variety of solutions based on data-science and machine learning. He has created algorithms to match resumes to job descriptions, to predict when investors will leave their financial advisor’s, and to decide appropriate responses for chat-bots. He has created algorithms to extract data from receipts, emails, spreadsheets, invoices, financial statements, leases and many other types of documents. With his breadth of experience, Brad brings practical, hands-on tips and advice on how to succeed in applying machine learning to new datasets and problems.

#1 Talk

Best Practices for Building AI Datasets

Datasets are the most basic building blocks in AI systems, and the most innovative solutions often require manually collecting and labelling data. Yet most teams put their emphasis on magical models instead of solid, high quality datasets. In this talk, I will discuss many of the best practices for building AI datasets from scratch.

Session Keywords

Data Collection
Machine Learning

#2 Talk

The Joy of Designing Deep Neural Networks

Deep Learning is the most powerful class of learning algorithms that we have ever invented. In this talk, I will try to share the joy that I felt the first time I designed a deep neural network, and how simple intuitions on neural networks have lead me to great designs and amazing accuracy.

Session Keywords

Deep Learning