26-28 November, 2019, Vilnius

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Dr. Andreas Bühlmeier

Dr. Bühlmeier Consulting, Germany


Dr. Andreas Bühlmeier holds a PhD in Computer Science where he used Reinforcement Learning in robotics.
He has published several papers and also contributed to a an Entwickler Magazin special edition on Machine Learning.
Currently, he mainly works in big data analysis for cyber security and for medical devices maintenance.
In another project, he uses adaptive techniques in the area of document processing.


Breakthroughs and the Future of (Deep) Reinforcement Learning

Due to recent successes in winning computer games against humans, Reinforcement Learning (RL)
received a lot of attention in the media.
This presentation will elaborate the foundation of RL and demonstrate how it is implemented.
Also, it will demonstrate how we can track and understand a system’s learning progress.
Most recent trends of RL research and applications in logistics and pharmacy will be discussed.

Session Keywords

Machine Learning
Reinforcement Learning