26-28 November, 2019, Vilnius

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Ander Alcon

Olocip, Spain


Ander Alcon is a Machine Learning Specialist in Olocip, and he is in charge of developing top quality artificial intelligence models. He previously worked for the Computational Intelligence Group in the Technical University of Madrid lead by Pedro Larranaga and Concha Bielza. Ander is a Computer Science Engineer by the University of the Basque Country, and he also has a Master degree in Artificial Intelligence by the Technical University of Madrid, getting the Jose Cuena excellence award for having one of the five best academic records.


Real Time Decision Making in Professionals Sports. From Description to Prediction and Prescription.

Thanks to the amount of data that has been collected in recent decades in the world of football, we try to answer the right questions that have always existed around it, and from dimensions like never have been answered, such as for example How will a player perform next season in my team, What should I do to avoid conceding a goal? or What should I do so that players are not injured?

For this, Artificial Intelligence is the discipline that best adapts to this scenario, being able to aproach the predictive and prescriptive dimensions, beyond the mere description offered by the data collection as currently occurs in the sector and allowing the development of several solutions in the main departments of professional football clubs and related entities.

Session Keywords

Artificial Intelligence in Football