26-28 November, 2019, Vilnius

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Alexander Slotte

Excella, USA


Originally from Sweden, Alexander has 10+ years of professional software development experience, solving problems for a wide range of industries. He currently works as a Lead Consultant at Excella, and is the organizer of the .NET DC User group. He thoroughly enjoys speaking at conferences and local Meetups. He is passionate about .NET and cloud development and constantly attempts to push his knowledge on real time data streaming, data science and machine learning. When not coding, you’ll find him out running or enjoying a good IPA! 


Real-Time Data Streaming with Azure Stream Analytics

It’s imperative in today’s world to be able to make split second decisions based on real-time data. Reports based on batch data are great for looking back at trends and potentially making long-term decision, but old data is in many cases already obsolete, and the opportunity to have an actionable impact on the success of a specific process may have been lost.

What if we easily could set up a near real-time data pipeline, that could be used to provide complex analytics, and make intelligent actions based on the result? Allow me to introduce Azure Stream Analytics! In this talk, we will take a closer look at the Azure Stream Analytics ecosystem, and look at real world examples streaming twitter feeds as well as sensor data from Raspberry Pi’s, demonstrating how you can build your own burglar alarm.

Session Keywords

Real-time Analytics