Szymon Warda

Just a box, Poland

Szymon is highly motivated problem solver with over 10 years of experience in software development.
Over the years he took part in creating several large, in-house solutions for big organizations, and also started a few startups. His main focus are distributed, web based systems that process large amounts of data and still can be responsive, resilient and efficient.
His commercial experience is in ERP and CMS systems for the financial and insurance sector. After work he deals with advanced search engines, big data problems and everything it takes to run a public website.
Now Szymon is a chief software architect at ITMAGINATION leading a 45+ developer project by day, and a proud developer of – a pet project processing hundred of gigabytes of data with whatever suits the problem best (Graph databases/ML/C#/F#). Technology enthusiast, Neo4j ambasador, speaker, and a blogger at
Apart from technical issues he focuses on building self-organized and self-sustainable teams with a well defined work culture.

Topic: You are using the wrong database!

Relational, graph, document, in memory, key-value, search, stream, embedded – those are the most common database types. This talk will cover types of databases, their weaknesses, main players, strong points when to use them, and when it might not be the best idea and lastly how to combine them.
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