Pablo Doval

Plain Concepts, UK

Pablo Doval is the Data Team Lead and the General Manager of Plain Concepts in the UK. With a background of relational databases, data warehousing and traditional BI projects, he has spent the last years architecting and building Big Data and Machine Learning projects for customers in different sectors, such as Healthcare, Digital Media, Retail and Industry.

Topic: Introduction to Deep Learning

This session will introduce Deep Learning concepts, with a focus on image recognition and image location exercises. After a brief introduction to the motivating factors – and why we cannot always just rely on the fantastic Cognitive Services -, concepts such as convolution, pooling and rectified linear units will be presented, so at the end of the session the attendant will be able to understand why deep learning is relevant in ‘day to day projects’, learn about the development cycle of deep learning models and some techniques as partial checkpoint training.

At the end of the session, a couple of less traditional models (autoencoders and LSTM) will be discussed and cases will be analyzed.

It is expected the audience to understand the basics of the ML processes, such as the training, testing and validation workflow, and basic algorithms such as logistic regression.