Michal Rosik

Minit j.s.a., Slovakia

As Product Visionary for Minit, Michal defines the Research & Development direction for this process mining solution, develops close ties to the academic community in this area and evangelizes process mining benefits to enterprises worldwide. Michal previously lead Microsoft Consulting department in Siemens and was involved in several large enterprise projects as a consultant and project manager. In his free time, he is a passionate trail runner.

Topic: Does P in your RPA project still stands for Painful?

Robotic Process Automation is an innovative and cost-efficient way to improve and optimize enterprise business processes. However, the way to successful RPA project is paved with many rough stones – identification of the right processes and suitable automation points, manual software robot programming and of course monitoring and evaluating of the result – all of this driven by manual analysis and consulting. This presentation will show you, how big data collected when monitoring the user behavior can be leveraged by process mining technology to overcome these issues and make your RPA project implementation a pleasant journey instead of painful experience.