Laszlo-Robert Albert

Jive Software, Romania

Laszlo-Robert is an enthusiastic Java developer. He worked hard on backend systems over the last 10+ years, solving technical challenges of a broad range of enterprise Java applications as a developer. During these years he has had the chance to learn to handle Java’s performance in ways most people never thought of.
About 4 years ago he was asked to teach their inexperienced developers Spring Framework. This was the journey that introduced him to hold a speech in front of an audience, and he liked it, so after that he started holding tons of workshops for his fellow colleagues. Having several presentations on different subjects, like OSGi, Eclipse RCP, Microservices and lately on Apache Kafka, Laszlo-Robert finally sent a CFP at an international conference too, and he was accepted, so he continued.
Since than he has presented or been already accepted as speaker at several conferences and he would like to continue to share his knowledge.
Laszlo-Robert also has an MsC in Computer Science from Babes-Bolyai University of Cluj-Napoca.

Topic: Kafka in a microservice world

When designing a new system, scalability, fault-tolerance, high availability, real time are must haves. All these can be answered with μservices. They all have to communicate to each other. But communication between them can be a bottleneck. This talk will try to show you why Apache Kafka is a great candidate for this.